1st TOURIST Training – Capacity Building for Trainers – Hue/Vietnam

The first successful TOURIST training – capacity building for trainers took place from the 2nd until the 5th of October at our partner Hue University in Hue/Vietnam.

The main training topics of this first were tourism development in South-East Asia, destination development, tourism impacts and challenges of overtourism as introductory tourism topics. As the TOURIST project also strongly focuses on sustainable tourism, this concept was already introduced at this stage of the project to all training participants. Within the area of sustainable tourism the trainers focused on the concept of sustainble tourism, the paradoxes and challenges of sustainable tourism, the main stakeholder of sustainable touris, the indicators to measure sustainable tourism and the committement towards sustainable tourism practices.

The training finished with a concept, the so called “TOURIST PLEDGE” which will be a sustainable concept for tourism activities done by each university throughout the four trainings.

It was most important to the trainers to not only give input on the topics mentioned above, but more important to also show didactical concepts that can support the participants from Thailand and Vietnam in teaching sustainable tourism in a more interactive way. Therefore, a focus was put on interactive teaching methodologies as well.

Summing up, it can be said that 25 people from the TOURIST partner organisations took part in this 3,5 days training with a special motivated atmosphere.